Search Engine Optimization

completely change your digital marketing strategy.

Ever wonder how to get your website to show up in the first page of a google search? 93% of search traffic don't click past the first page of results - 93 PERCENT! Beyond that, the first FIVE results typically make up 80% of the click through rate. Where RCC stands out from the rest of the digital marketing agencies out there is that we have zeroed in on the most important aspects of increasing digital presence- FAST. One of the ways we do this is by offering search engine optimization (SEO) as part of our comprehensive digital package. This is for clients that really want to see a drastic change in their digital presence and to climb the search engine rankings. SEO is offered a la carte as well for brands who have content production handled. We set you up with a Free consultation with our lead SEO expert to examine all of your owned digital media properties and develop a strategy based on your website performance audit. Then our SEO Expert works together with our  Content Creator to make sure we have the proper content needed to optimize your website for conversion (i.e are you a hotel brand without imagery of every room type?) We then provide weekly analytics reports and 24/7 access to your personalized Google Data Studio to keep you up to date with how your brand is doing and to provide insights that can be transferred to face to face marketing.

It's like having an entire marketing team

for the price of one employee.